Jul 20, 2016


I know, I know it’s been really long since I wrote last. Thanks to the corporate world – I went doing serious stuff i.e., going to office, sitting in front of the laptop, not for watching movies but to work. Gone are the days of my freedom where I invariably used to wake up at 3 am just to paint or doodle something. Then my morning nap would start as soon as I knew my parents were awake :P and would continue until the sun’s straight on my head.

My mom would think I didn’t sleep all night and she would call me asking if I ate anything at all. She would have cooked something tasty that I would eventually forget eating and would go so hungry by 7pm that I would end up eating all 3 meals of the day at once. This was my daily routine until the day I became a part of the corporate world and the golden era of my life ended.

But within a couple of weeks I was sent for my first official trip to Delhi, Jaipur and Mumbai to source fabrics. I was insanely excited about it…why wouldn’t anyone be for a free trip?  Though it’s not all about roaming around the city, the sacred scent of each city was so damn different. I would fail to explain the warm welcome that I got everywhere I went.

For people who know me I am a super duper crazy shopaholic.
So selecting or buying anything equals to shopping be it then furniture or plastic or fabric. I felt privileged to go fabric shopping! A young designer, almost a fresher doesn’t always get a chance to do this!  This was the most wonderful experience especially when I had to use my gut and intuition with my little or less knowledge. I just chose the things, which looked pretty to me!

It was the streets Gandhinagar Market in Delhi that made me go gaga over gates! Never expected something so unique in a normal market! Gates and gates everywhere, I mean each and every entrance to the buildings was uncommon. None of the metal work patterns repeated even once. Though my feet were swollen and aching due to roaming around in the streets, pretty gates were what kept me going.

As soon as I used to get out of a complex I would eagerly wait for the next turning and a new set of gates. All the tiredness vanished! I went on a snapchat craze during that time. How I wish I had just taken some beautiful pictures instead of snapchatting. Nevertheless, I do have some admirable clicks that I treasure the most. Scroll through for more.

And That's all Folks .........!

Apr 28, 2016


Hellooooo peeps!

Today is a beautiful day and guess what? I have a new piece of jewellery added to my massive collection. I don’t think I need to tell you about the online shopping portal Limeroad; which has a super cool feature called ‘make a scrapbook’, where you can go and put your entire outfit together. You can put that dress you like with a pair of stilettos and then add matching accessories and voila you can see the perfect look before you buy anything. 

I received a dainty Brass Bracelet from Limeroad. I went head over heels with the beautiful teal blue cardboard packaging. I don’t need to find my mom’s old bangle box to keep this delicate piece. 

The jewelbox gold plated embellished brass bracelet is almost similar to the jewellery by designer Suhani Pittie. This graceful bracelet can add charm and make look much richer any dark hued ethnic top or kurta, maybe LBD too. This elegant Limeroad bracelet is ornamented with berry hued triangular faux stones, styled with small circles that can make any simple outfit look more fashionable.

Limeroad is a very user-friendly shopping site where you have a variety of categories like Indian-wear, western-wear, accessories, bags, footwear, home décor, kitchen and designer brands too. Apart from these, they have a very cool feature called Style Council where you can shop by featured looks.

Overall my experience with Limeroad was awesome! And I think all of you should go check out the amazing stuff here.

Happy shopping!

Feb 15, 2016


Flowers and Flowers everywhere!

Spring, summer; long gone but my obsession with anything floral doesn’t seem to go away. The reason: A valley of flowers I saw on Facebook. With a dream of going to that pretty place in the Himalayas, I checked out its pictures, read on how to reach there, and what not!  Flowers like orchids, poppies, primulas, marigolds, daises and anemones carpeting the ground! Plus, snow in the background…. OMG! Why would anyone say no to such pleasing scenery all around? It would be the perfect Bollywood theme song location with flowers falling all over in a chill hilly place! A dreamland! I almost registered for the trek three-four times but alas due to stupid reasons the valley of flowers is unexplored by me. Then, I had a perfect come back to myself. “Let me make myself look like a garden of flowers.” Probably the stupidest idea ever, yet it’s kind of satisfying always to get an inspiration to dress up, isn’t it?

This floral maxi, which I had purchased long ago, had been lying in my cupboard untouched and stacked up, begging me to wear it. I was like “hmmm…this can be my floral dress but, oh wait! The flowers are too big! I will look like a walking garden”. But, wasn’t that the whole point? Then there was this floral tiara that I had bought from Forever 21, I was waiting for a perfect occasion to use that pretty little thing. Last but not the least, the floral jacket that I am in love with for ages. Yes, you all might be thinking, ‘she sure is out of her mind to look like a perfect overdose of floral’, but I was elated with this overdose!

Maxi dresses are one of the most comfortable, flattering, and forgiving pieces of clothing that any girl must have. They are extremely versatile and easy to add layers over; as well hide layers under. They are the perfect transitional pieces for the winter where some days are super chilly and others are warmed by the mild sun. I feel that maxis are the best for cold weathers as they need the lowest maintenance in your wardrobe. Eeeep! So ladies let’s do the drill, shall we?

How to look stunning in a Maxi Dress?

1.     Little secret – the best part of wearing a full sleeve maxi dress is that you don’t have to bother about grooming yourself or boggle your mind about all the unwanted hair!
2.     Long sleeve maxi – The best part of the long sleeve maxi is that you need nothing more than just a belt and a simple clutch to accessorize it.
3.     Layering – Add a denim jacket and a belt, or a sharp blazer and a cool necklace on days when you have more on the agenda than just ‘kick back and relax’.
4.     Accessorize right – Forego the flip flop and may be go in with the sneakers trend to make it look casual. Keep your pretty dress from skimming the ground with the help of a pair of wedge-heel platforms.
5.     Curvy – All the curvy ladies out there; try to find a cap sleeve and avoid the spaghetti straps. Larger prints will compliment your body apart from the same old boring neutral shades.
6.     Petites – A waist clinching draw string will add curves to you; make sure you have tiny prints and patterns which will give a naturalistic look for your body type.
7.     The pear – Follow the thumb rule - a shoulder bearing top and an empire waist will draw attention up (away from your bottom). 
8.     Go ahead and wear the floral maxi like a Japanese princess and look fab in it. Even if you look like a valley of flowers, it’s worth it.

Floral Maxi dress - INR650 
Floral Jacket - INR999
Floral headband - Forver 21 INR1599
Yellow Necklace - Clarks INR850
Peach Belt - Westside INR299
Nude Wedges - INR599