Kaboom! Bishhhh….Swiiiiiii…. Phattt!

That woke me up in the morning, and it’s not even 6am; there’s a lot of chaos in the house. My mom was trying to wake us up: my brother & me. Unlike other days we woke up upright within seconds not even minutes. Then, we were sent to take oil bath, like the typical South Indian tradition; and I got ready wearing the silk pattu pavadai and all set to go visit the temple quickly, to come back and burst crackers with my gang.

Yes, as kids all we ever wanted to do was to skip all the unimportant things & go straight into the serious business of bursting crackers, but now I miss all those little things, which made the festival. I was always like a half tom-boy (even I have no clue what half is :P) playing with my brothers’ friends, bursting crackers, running on the streets, cricket, lagori ... What not? Never the dainty princess all moms want their girls to be.

There were times when I used to get huge bruises or wounds & would come back bleeding on my knee, elbow even waist and my aunts would be like: Oh god! You are a girl.. You can’t have so many scars. But, never would my parents say a thing, always encouraging me to participate in all the sports whether it was basketball, volley ball or throw ball…

They also did try to make me feminine by joining me into the classical dance when I was in 4th standard. What a disaster it was! I realized it now that I could never get the hand and leg co-ordination and my poor Bharatanatyam teacher would be so sad every time. Let me not even go to the top of singing classes, those were worse nightmares! And they even made me try flute, but I was very interested in the Tabala my brother used to learn; funny me. But the one thing that held me though was my painting class. It did soothe me.
In all these years I don’t know where the girly me was hidden, even though I never had a girl gang to hang out and play dress up, I did dress up my younger brother (the bait) as a pretty little girl :P Like every other girl, I used to help my mom do the pleats of her saree, then do her long plait and would always wish that my hair would grow as long as hers!

All these fond memories and all things pretty got me into designing in the later years I guess, where every occasion; if there is none I make an occasion to always buy a new set of clothing and dress up. Yes, this time it was Diwali the festival of lights. Oh my! It’s that time of the year again where you go shopping for everything like lights to festive clothing and all your surroundings is filled with lanterns and dias. But yea nowadays we get to know a festival is nearing by the sales you are bombarded with weeks before.
Whether it’s online or offline stores, you are bound to shop from everywhere! And who can possibly say no to shopping with offers luring you everywhere?

I hope you all had a wonderful Diwali folks. Here is what I wore... 

Lime Green Kurta – Abof INR 995

Fuchsia Print Pallazo - Fbb INR 699

Gold Sandals – Brigade Road INR 999
Earings - Commercial Street INR 1400
Bangles - Colaba Causeway INR 700

Photography - Geet Batra | Editorial - Deepak Kumar