I was wasting the Saturday lazing around, having a bowl of Maggie and rolling on the bed until noon. You know that ‘let the weekend sink in feeling...’ until my flat mate reminded me that it was a friend’s engagement the next day (meaning: I needed to look out for an outfit). As always, I brushed it off to the last moment! I loafed around Indiranagar with some friends in the evening and came home late and as expected crashed (duh!).

Yes! It was the next noon when I woke up, there was barely an hour to get ready with oil in my hair and everything messy around I panicked, and hurried for a shower. I pulled out one kurta after another trying them on when she is there all ready with a pre-decided dress and my bed was a huge dump of clothes with no place to iron!
I kept on trying things, nothing suited my mood or my physique as I had gained a few pounds (mentally cursing myself for not hitting the gym). Gosh! This was a perfect nightmare in the daytime and she was like ‘wear what you wore for diwali’ and I was like ‘nooo! I have too many pictures in that’.

Then after showing her each outfit she was again like ‘don’t wear something simple or you will be underdressed’. Her comment brought out the pop queen inside of me and I wore a shocking yellow kurta with a pink pallazo (yeah the same one). But I liked the pop bright colours and all the neoness it was radiating! And this is how I looked!

Yellow Kurta – Self Designed INR800
Pink Pallazo  - Fbb INR600
Sunglasses – Koovs INR550
Gold Chappals – Lajpat INR150
Pearl Earings – Commercial Street INR600
Bangles – Commercial Street INR350

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