For a typical South Indian who has studied in Kerala for 4 years ICH gives nostalgic memories. It’s a legendary restaurant chain in India run by co-operative societies with around 400 outlets, and the charm of Kerala embedded in it.

The history of this place amazes me! The Coffee Cess committee started it in 1936 with the first outlet in Bombay, and the attire of the waiters is of the British Raj with the typical white shirt, white pants and red turban. Plus the ambience of the place gives a feel of a completely different era all together. The wooden bench and tables the mirrors, the local glass tumblers and the staff take you back in time. This is a historical place in the midst of the most happening place in Bangalore.

Now let me stop jabbering and talk food. Butter toast is one of my all time favorite munchies until the real food arrives. The filter coffee needless to say is authentic with its old charm.

Our hero masala dosa is on point. I don’t exaggerate it to be awesome but It does make you gobble up within minutes. The sambhar is good; I love the coconut chutney with the hint of peanut in it. I wanted to try their cold coffee for a really long time and mind you it was not at all disappointing. It dint have the fancy cream or anything in it. The cold coffee felt homemade and was indeed yummy.

Over all its again a very pocket friendly place in the heart of church street!