Reasons to Love the day AFTER Valentine’s Day!

All that Valentine’s Day post on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, too much to handle? Especially those mushy couples posting pictures all over? I’m not against such posts but let’s give the singles’ some space here. So, what’s the big deal on the day after Valentine’s Day?
  • Calmer Restaurants, who doesn’t want that? In your favorite pizza shop.

  • Cheaper chocolates – Hellalua – Stock up on a years’ stock of chocolates on discounted prices!

  • Awesome deals on Lingerie – Yes, grab all those pretty looking things which are still on sale.

  • Stock up on a wide variety of gift bags and pretty wrapping paper

  • Flowers are overflowing everywhere but the next day it will all be discounted by 75%, go decorate your house like you have always wanted, this is the chance!

  • Couldn’t get to shop much? Majority of the international sites like Zara, Mango Berkshka, Anthropologie, StyleWe and others have major discounts still running until the weekend on all their merchandises! You can shop for things like dresses, jumpsuits, shoes and hair accessories like printed bandanas to have awesome Hairstyle Fashion.