Where do we meet? Brigade Road? Do you want to have a cup of coffee or maybe a beer? Or, just hog like the good old days in Malleshwaram? We really could not decide. I was like while you finish chatting with your other friends, Ill go window-shopping, so let’s go to Mantri Mall was my answer! But then Mantri Mall is shut down. God! Now we had one place left - Orion! I thought yayyy!! I can go check out Forever21; it's been forever since I have been there. I got ready and left for Orion Mall. I went into the store and forgot my sole mission of meeting my long lost friend! I had a new mission to accomplish. Buy everything from the store...plus Valentine's Day was nearing. Found another reason to shop! Yes, I am always finding reasons to shop! After numerous trials I got the perfect outfit and then went through the usual guilt all girls go through just before swiping the card. I mentally gave a pep talk to myself that this was an absolute necessity :P and then bham! I shopped! Now I was happy + guilty for shopping, in the meanwhile my friend came and I forgot about the guilt. 

Who was I meeting?  I was meeting this friend of mine who is doing her music in L.A.! She was my school friend; I was meeting her after 6 long years! I know that's pretty long. We found a nice cozy place near the fountain and started catching up on every tiny detail of our respective lives. That’s when she's like OMG! You are so damn lucky, all you have to do is draw some things on paper and the dress you need is made! She made it sound so damn simple as though I was a magician! I was like grass is always greener on the other side babe! After a while she again went on saying, "I stalk you on Instagram, you get to wear pretty clothes and get to go to fashion weeks. I wish I could go." That’s when it struck me that I can take her to BFW as it was happening right next door in Sheraton. She screeched out of happiness and went on and on about how it is awesome to be in the fashion field.

Bangalore, 4 February 2017: Day 3 of 16th Edition of Wear.Style Bangalore Fashion Week witnessed a glamorous line-up of designers who brought design functionality under the spotlight.

First in the line-up was an unconventional collection by designer duo Sweta & Vishala who presented the concept of convertible fashion with their collection titled Switch. Themed around the ‘ancient Egyptian’ look, each garment from the collection was designed in a way that it can adorn a new look by merely detaching an element from the outfit. 

Keeping her focus precise on craftsmanship and modern Indian aesthetics, designer Pooja Verma showcased her take on future of fashion with her collection themed Honor to the end. The concept was inspired by post-apocalyptic fashion wherein the materials that remain behind, when everything else decays, is the take off point for this collection. The entire ensemble was an artistic expression of my imagination of life after the 'end of it all'- when the dust and stardust settles on what remains behind.

Day 3 also saw the versatile Kamal Raj Manickath put up a theatrical display with his collection named Inamorato – A person’s male lover. The entire ensemble saw a fantastic blend of inventive textures and design motifs, with intricate embroidery for both men and women. He introduced the Groom's-wear collection; the lover's ensemble. Which was a catch to the eye! The collection was simple and elegant and defining the masculinity.

He has a wonderful designer store called Souchika which caters to all the wedding collections, name it whatever it may be. Apart from that, to inspire and encourage aspiring designers, they have come up with a new concept store called IZA which is a multi-designer outlet.

Inspired by the golden era of silks, Ashok Maanay’s penultimate show presented his tres nouveau collection Silken Masquerade, which had an ethereal undertone radiating glamour. The ensembles exuded sheer elegance which was dominated by bright vibrant, and the typical colours of sunny day and vintage hues of gold, beige, ivory. The voluminous silhouettes were teamed with intricate textures of embroidery work in satin threads on silk. The sheers and nude hues gave every garment an element of mystery and enigma – symbolic of today’s modern yet elegant woman. Empowered with style, this collection is yet another showcase of Ashok Maanay’s trademark design to celebrate the Indian saree.

For his men collection, the designer had showcased the finely crafted garments worn in Silk and tweaked while giving it an improvised look to target those who appreciate intricacy and workmanship. Traditional menswear with the amalgamation of the periodic trends with modern times, a pietra-dura motif embroidered on the shades of burnished gold and carnelian silks, one can’t overlook the hand-crafted work on delicately designed ensembles.

Kaftan and Resort wear queen, Pria Kataaria Puri’s showcased her latest collection, Pura Vida in the Garden of Eden at the Bangalore Fashion Week, Spring-Summer 2017. Pura Vida, defines Pure Life in Costa Rican parlance, is all about looking good and feeling good. Hence, the collection was crafted in silk and satin sourced from Italy and had a Kashmiri influence. Designs incorporated new styles of kaftan silhouettes like a maxi kaftan, jumpsuits, palazzos, dresses, tops, blouses and rompers in pure Italian silk. The collection’s colour palette reflected the vibrant shades of a summer afternoon in a picturesque garden, and features hues such as fuchsia, orange, red, mango yellow, pastel yellow, peach, off-white. Silk tassels, Chantilly lace, feathers and antique gold leaf embellishments added an enchanting touch to the showcase. 

Pooja Verma a budding designer who has won 2 awards in London introduced high street fashion with a camo collection. This range was sleek and casual wear.

Photography GEET BATRA