Yummy tummy is the happiest! I know anyone reading that sentence would say Lolz with an accent. Yes! I returned from office and just the thought of travelling for one hour made me hungry even though I knew I had a sendoff party back at home, to my bestest roommate ever! Yes, I’ll miss my foodie buddy! Her name is Spoorthi and she is the cutest teddy bear you will see!

Oh! That’s not what I indented to write but I’m kinda senti that she is leaving so, kinda wanted to binge eat as I was hungry! Remember Hungry and sad also makes a person Hangry or Sangry? Not sure.

Anyway, one of my friends who was here for the same purpose was damn hungry too and we were waiting for my roomie and the rest of the people, so we decide to go have a light snack.
That light snack turned out to be Pad Thai Noodles and Oreo Shake. That’s coz we were extremely hungry and there was a new food truck right across.

After ordering I got to know that it’s made of rice – the noodle was a rice noodle and the best thing to hear!  Yeah, I have small weird things that make me happy…  coz rice is life bruh! Then we just started a conversation with this guy who looked was the owner and then this guy Ujjwal Upadhyay  has started it just a week back! He was a techie working with software giants and saved up some cash to start his dream. He had been to Bangkok and decided to start a pure Thai food truck coz there was none in Bangalore. His love for Thai food and a little research just made him jump into starting off on his own and fly like a unicorn (do unicorns fly?)

By now our Oreo shake and the noodle was ready and yes, the happiest moment in anyone’s life is seeing the food ordered when you are damn hungry. The Pad Thai Noodle was not spicy as we had asked for medium spicy. The tamarind flavor and the flavor of sugar was balanced and it was a treat to the taste buds. To top it up he had sprinkled some peanuts which gave a nice crunchy feel here and there that I am a fan of! At places after my Oreo sips I felt could have gotten it spicier! But I think I’ll head over there again tomorrow, to try something new!

Sorry guys don’t have the image of the noodle as it was all over in a jiffy, so yummy! Check out the food truck was on the McD Road on the 14th main, HSR sector 7.

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