KINGSMEN COFFEE - A review on real coffee

Hey peeps! Ever heard of coffee cupping? It’s like wine tasting; not literally though, but for a layman it is coffee tasting.

Basically, coffee cupping is a complicated process which needs expert guidance and it can’t be done when you have number of external disturbances like smell, noise and so on. You might be thinking that oh! come on, how difficult can that get?

Yes! it was pretty darn intense; how did we go about this fancy coffee cupping? Let me break it down into bits and pieces:
·      First and foremost, it was plain espresso that we were tasting, not some cappuccino or latte.
·      Briefing: we could not interact with each other during the cupping nor influence others’ decisions with our facial expression (felt like a punishment).
·      We also had a complicated scoresheet which made me cringe in the back of my head.
·      1st step was the smelling of the batches of roasted coffee beans; there were 3 batches.
·      2nd the beans were ground on the spot in and the aroma of it had to noted down as dry depending on its strength.
·      3rd adequate amount of hot water added to the powder and left for exactly 3 minutes, it had to be smelt and noted down.
·      4th the crust of this, to be broken and the decoction had to be slurped tasted for its flavor, aftertaste, acidity, intensity, sweetness, god knows what not!
·      We had to spit out the coffee after tasting it, not that I wanted to drink it.
·      Mind you we had to judge them for all the mentioned factors and we would finally conclude which is the best.

Not in my weirdest dreams I had imagined that it would be some chemistry lab experiment. This process continued for 3 sets of samples, by which all our stomach started cringing. This was just ground coffee and we had not even started blending.
We came to conclusions based on the mark sheet scores which was the best and so on, depending on that we started blending each of them to get the best of the taste.
Kingsmen Coffee has the most premium coffee where their range starts from INR 1500. Let me give you more insight on them.
Kingsmen Coffee was started by Rajat Badami and Clement Ribeaud when they found it really difficult to get an authentic cup of coffee, by that I mean pure espresso (not filter coffee).

They grow, cure, grade, roast and blend coffee. Hence, Kingsmen Coffee deals with one of the best coffees. Apart from that they have the machine which is a fully equipped super automatic, which can make any drink at the touch of a button.

They also conduct workshops as they themselves are people who have committed their entire career to coffee. The Kingsmen are always fascinated to share their knowledge and experience. The best part is they also hold coffee tasting for people who really want to understand what a good cup of coffee means.

So, all those who claim to be coffee lovers out there do you guys think you really like coffee or the other ingredients like cream, sugar or milk, go have one real cup of coffee and figure it out!

I know this whole blogpost seems like a Wikipedia article which we had to write for our science assignments! Even though it was damn intense, I learnt what a real cup of coffee meant!
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