I went to the Badami Caves early this February with a bunch of my friends and then that was one hell of a place! I wanted to bring out the true hippie in me looking around and savoring every temple, monument, rocks, caves and the lakes. Hence, while packing, I picked this Haute Curry, boho long dress.

I love this outfit especially because it can be worn in small gatherings and some light travel as well. Since, it’s extremely breezy and with a lot of fabric you don’t need too many accents to it. The amazing pop colors and the boho print mix makes it stand out. I didn’t particularly add any neck piece because it has a beautiful embroidered yoke. To be frank it’s around 2½ years old! But, it’s as good as new.

I have styled it with a round frame black sunglasses, a colourful pom-pom bracelet, and a thrifty earring. Since, the surroundings were rusty browns I added a lot of colour on me! And I won’t deny that I love colors standing out!


Ethnic Dress – Haute Curry – INR 2999
Sunglasses – Com Street – INR 200
Bracelet – CKP – INR 250
Earrings – Sarojni – INR 80
Gold Jutis – Janpat – INR 200