It’s the season of weddings, everyone around are getting married to their loved ones. And of all the Indian weddings I’m sure all of you would be waiting with baited breath to attend a Christian wedding. In this generation, everyone is extremely Pinterest friendly even the next-door tailor, for the matter of fact.

So, there is this classmate of mine Neena Maria Tom, whose wedding we all were waiting for and when she invited me I had no clue what to wear. My roommate and I were discussing on what to wear as we were not bridesmaids, and we did not want to sabotage their glory. We knew bridesmaids would be wearing pastels, therefore we decided to go with pastel kurta sets, that’s because we just wanted to fit into the Kerala crowd. We had been specially warned not to wear sleeveless, no short dresses as it was an ancient and a very holy church in Kanjirapally.

Apart from the wedding my friends and I also had planned a small Kerala tour around Kanjirapally. It included the famous Kumarakom and Kochi. Read all of it in my upcoming blogs.

Where were we? On the day of the journey my roommate unfortunately could not get her tatkal tickets. I was heartbroken and clueless on what to do! Then as a backup I packed my old Pastel Pink Dress which was just a plain button-down dress that proved to be the savior.

What are the major things to keep in mind when you are going for a bridesmaid dress?
·      The Fabric – Tulle are in, this season; the transparent net gives a new dimension to layered dresses.
·      Sequin – Yes, it’s all over the place, dull silver, gold or even copper sequined fabrics gives the best fit to all the bodycon dresses that you always wanted to wear.
·      Dainty Florals – This is one of the easiest to source in various fabrics like, chiffon, rayons, dupions, satins and silks and they are the best to make your bride stand out!
·      Pastels and Laces – This is the tried and tested combination which will never go wrong for generations. Add hints of pearl embroidery and you are all set. This is what the girls had planned and I timidly fit into them just because of my tone of colour.

The bridesmaids had selected tones of pastel colours like mint, coral, peach, lilac and so on for each girl, but most of them ended up having similar tones which looked even better, yay!
Look at all these gorgeous girls around the bride who wore a lace saree. She looked right out of a fairy tale. How beautiful, and dreamy it was.


Pastel Pink Dress – StalkBuyLove – INR 1599
Grey Block Heels – Debanhams – INR 2999
Silver Finger Ring – AliExpress – INR 300
Pearl Earrings – Ginger – INR 450
Pearl Necklace – Comm Street – INR 200