Try Instant Curated fashion which delivers in 4 Hours? - WITH STREETAP + GET 20% OFF

Last week I had bought a pretty pink ruffle top from Tibetan Market. From that time, I have not found the perfect skirt or pallazos or even a denim to go along with it! And since then, I am unable to live in peace! Whenever I buy either a top or a bottom, finding the better half of, becomes a task! This has been an ever-existing problem for me. Is it just me or does everyone face this?

I go searching on all the online portals and end up shopping more and more random things, for which I must better halves. Some of the pieces in my wardrobe are lying around like this for months! That’s because while trying out those things even if the tiniest of the detail is not right, I freak out and change the whole attire.

Recently, I stumbled upon this website STREETAP. Can you believe it that they sell their products look wise, all curated for you, from their in-house stylists? I found the concept incredible. A lot of times when I have an occasion coming in a day or two, I end up running around malls! It takes up so much energy and time!

STREETAP did save me time, energy and money! Seriously, I got a Denim Dress + Necklace + 3 Finger Rings + 2 Bracelets all in INR 1999. I am still surprised as I write this. It was an absolute value for money and the dress was amazing in Indigo! If you calculate each and every piece - Dress – INR 1500, Neckpiece – INR 400, 2 Bracelets – INR 500, 3 Rings – INR 300? This is INR 2700! Yes, it feels unbelievable! The best part is, it got delivered in 4 hours?

So, what are you guys waiting for? Hurry up and shop on STREETAP, they are a fast fashion brand and change their collection every 15 days!

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Denim Dress -  Streetap
Bracelet  - Streetap 
Finger Rings - Streetap  
Neckpiece - Streetap 
Orange Shades - H&M  INR 499
Denim Shoe - Bandra INR500